Year 5 Magic Potions (Liquid density)

Date: 4th Oct 2017 @ 5:15pm

Year 5 have been developing our understanding of solids, liquids and gases as part of both our science learning and topic 'The Place Between'. This week we combined maths with science to investigate the density of liquids. Our first challenge was to meet the success criteria we were set by finding fractions of measurements however, we also had to use our doubling and multiplication skills! Once we had found the figures it was up to us to investigate which liquids would match our measurement requirements, but also give us at least 3 clear liquid layers.  We were given: apple juice, washing up liquid, bubble bath, coloured water, milk, golden syrup, vegetable oil and baby oil! We had an added challenge to try and make two objects float! Check out our results to see what we discovered!