Year 5 2018 - 2019

Welcome to Year 5!


Mrs Bryant   Mrs Glennon   Miss Evans

Mrs Slater   Mrs Garbett   Mrs Reynolds   Mr Blackhurst


Welcome to Year 5! Our topic over the last term has been SPACE!  We have enjoyed learning all about the solar system, why we have day and night and the phases of the moon. These have been some of our highlights!

This term we have been using the wonderful text, The Man in the Moon. This book, which has also been turned into a film, explores a fantasy world aboard an air ship! We have looked at using powerful language. In the book, there is the birth of the first ever space baby, the Man in the Moon! We linked this to the recent birth of Prince Louis and wrote newspapers about the event. The focus was formal language.


We have been working in our challenge zones to solve problems using multi-step operations. This includes finding change using money and calculating fractions of amounts. Over the next term, we will consolidate our learning so far and look at understanding time!


We have used our computing sessions for lots of fun activities this half term including making flip books to show the phases of the moon and Top Trump cards about the planets! We have also conducted research into the lives of our four new effort point team names: Eva Ibbotson, David Almond, Cressida Cowell and Chris Riddell. We then turned our facts into biographies of their lives! We needed to use several computing skills such as how to save and import images, creating tables and editing and formatting documents.

Home learning

As well as continuing with our work on Spellodrome and Mathletics, we were set the challenge of creating either a poster of 3D project on the solar system. It was challenging but we enjoyed it and have shared each others and explained what we like about them. They are now on display around the classrooms and school. Look out for some pictures which will be on the newsletter and school website soon!

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