Pastoral Support



Mrs Gilmore - SENCo/Assistant Head

Mrs Hughes - Inclusion Link

Mrs Baines –Lead Learning Mentor

Mr Blackhurst – Learning Mentor

Mrs Slater – Speech and Language Mentor


What is a Learning Mentor?

The mentors aim is to help and support through difficult times (both at school and at home) and therefore hopefully allowing the removal of any barriers to their learning.

Someone reliable, approachable and non-judgemental

What do learning mentors do?

Work with teaching and other staff in order to identify those needing extra help to overcome barriers for learning. Draw up and implement action plans for children who need particular support. Develop a 1:1 supportive relationship with each child, aimed at achieving the goals defined in the action plan. Maintain regular contact with families/ carers of children receiving support, and to encourage positive involvement in each child’s learning. Build up a range of support available for pupils.

Who will benefit from Mentoring?

Every child has a right to benefit from the educational opportunities that that school offers as well as having personal responsibilities and responsibilities towards others.

Some children face significant barriers to their learning either short or long term. When problems occur, extra support and guidance may be needed to help overcome them.

Help can be provided for :

Anger, Anxiety, Attendance, Behaviour, Bereavement, Low Aspirations, Low Attainment, Low motivation, Low self-esteem, Poor concentration, Separation, Transition between schools, Weak social skills.

Working together

The Learning Mentors will liaise with parents/carers whenever possible over issues regarding their child’s support throughout the mentoring period.

It is so important that families and school continue to work together for the benefit of the children-we are here to support good understanding and communication.

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