Maths Workshop March 2017


Yesterday we invited parents into school for the second of this term's maths workshops. The aim of this session was to show parents practical ways to support their child's maths learning at home. Children and parents worked together to plan holidays, make mocktails, go shopping, prepare recipes for their family, choose the cheapest mobile phone tariffs, and many other hands-on challenges. It was a super session enjoyed by all!

Here are some quotes from parents who joined us for the workshop:


"It was great to do hands-on learning with things I could definitely use at home."


"It was fun working together to solve problems."


"The workshop showed maths can be fun!"


"There was lots of choice and different activities at different levels, excellently planned. It was brilliant!"


"It is useful to engage with my child's school activities and it helps to consolidate their learning outside of school."