Medical Information


At various times routine medical checks (of cleanliness, vision, hearing and dental care) are made by members of the Health Service.  These are routine examinations and you will not be informed unless a problem is found.


Medicines and drugs in school are an obvious danger to children and no such drugs should be brought into school.  If your child needs medication during the day you are welcome to come into school, when appropriate, to administer this yourself. Alternatively, parents who are at work must complete a standard parental request form for staff to administerprescription ONLY medicines in school. For children who suffer from asthma, please see the school’s asthma policy. Please inform the class teacher if your child is asthmatic.

Please note that children who normally carry an inhaler will not be allowed on school trips unless they have their inhaler with them.


The school has a number of staff qualified to administer First Aid. Their training is kept up to date and we have a room for administering first aid when necessary. Parents are informed of any notable or significant injury (either at the end of the day or through a phone call depending on the circumstances). Should your child receive a bump to the head, you will receive a bump note to inform you of this.

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