Pupil Voice

Whitchurch Junior School has a variety of groups in place to allow the children to give voice to their views.

We have a School Council who are helping  to lead our new whole school focus of Building Learning Power across the classes and they also take forward a range of ideas and school improvements they would like to consider.

We have an Eco-team who are currently looking at recycling products. For the first time, the school now has reading ambassadors who are currently producing posters advertising their favourite books which include a blurb and a star rating, we do hope that these will inspire some of the other children to read them too!

Our Anti Bullying Ambassadors are mediators and listening friends, who try to help to resolve their class mates worries or concerns. They offer advice about telling an adult and support their friends to do this when needed.

Reading Buddies read with other children, help with our library and promote great books for all ages.

Our Play Leaders are an energetic group whose job is to help make happy and active playtimes. They have been trained to lead games and organise activities for others during lunchtime, ensuring that they give everyone who wants to be involved a fair chance. They do a great job of demonstrating excellent sporting behaviour too.

Digital Leaders develop their computing skills for the benefit of others who use our schools technology, offering advice and peer tutoring as well as practical, organisational support.